Epworth Knowledge Services Staff regularly visit all Epworth Sites

Our monthly visit cycle for 2024:

 Site  Date  Time  Location
 Brighton  Regularly by arrangement    
 Camberwell  Third Thursday of each month  1pm - 4pm  Meeting Room 1, Level 3
 Eastern  First Thursday of each month  10am - 2pm  Education Office, 7th Floor East Wing Tower
 Freemasons  Second Thursday of each month  10am - 2pm  LG GS Tutorial Room 2
 Geelong  Thursday 4 April 2024  10am - 3pm  Library
 Hawthorn  Regularly by arrangement  1pm - 4pm   Patient Lounge
 Hoddle Street  Second Wednesday of each month  10am - 3pm  Research Office
 Pelaco  Last Wednesday of each month  9am - 5pm  AMS
 Richmond Rehab  Contact us for an inservice    

Please contact susie.moreton@epworth.org.au to make an appointment during a site visit, or to arrange an alternative time.

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