The Epworth Knowledge Bank  curates and enables discovery of the intellectual output of Epworth for the collaborative benefit of local and global clinicians and the wider Epworth community.  Click here to search EKB.


The EKB is a centralised repository that identifies, captures, stores and facilitates retrieval of the intellectual output of Epworth HealthCare (Epworth) for the collaborative benefit of local and global clinicians, researchers, health educators and the wider Epworth Community. EKB aligns with the organisation’s strategic goals and is a key component of Epworth’s Education and Research Strategy, with a wider contribution to clinical research and education communities around the world, thereby contributing to the production and exchange of clinical information, academic, research and professional content.


EKB includes the following items:

  • Journal Articles (citations)
  • Books
  • Book Chapters (citations)
  • Conference Papers
  • Presentations
  • Thesis and dissertations
  • Reports e.g. Annual Reports
  • Letters
  • Grey Literature
  • Recording of Epworth Academic output e.g. Grand Rounds, teaching clips etc
  • Historical material e.g. images
  • Internal newsletters
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Sound clips (podcasts)
  • Recordings e.g. Documentaries, TV interviews
  • Internal reports e.g. Governance Document Reports
  • Slides


Epworth authors and owners of Epworth-related content are encouraged to contribute to EKB, click here to register. 


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