Clinical Podcasts

     Annals on call                                         Listen on Spotify
      Discussion and debate on clinically influential articles published in Annals of Internal Medicine.


     ASCO Guidelines                                     Listen on Spotify
      Key recommendations from the latest evidence-based clinical practice guidance from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

    Australian Prescriber                           Listen on Spotify
     Provides a regular discussion on topics published in Australian Prescriber.

      Black Dog Institute                              Listen on Spotify
       Mental health topics, providing expert knowledge from and for health professionals.

      Cochrane Podcasts                          Apple podcasts   Spotify Logo, history, meaning, symbol, PNG
       Current Evidence from the Cochrane Library


     The BMJ Podcast                                  Listen on Spotify  
      Regular podcast to provide up to date interviews and debate with opinion leaders in health and medicine.

     BMJ Best Practice                                 Listen on Spotify
      Interviews with clinical experts aimed at healthcare professionals to keep up to date with the latest scientific developments, evidence-based
    medicine and guidelines.

      BMJ Talk Evidence                              Listen on Spotify  
Research, guidance and practice are debated and demystified.

      Center for Medical Simulation        
Podcasts from the Center for Medical Simulation team.

 People Strong    Decoding Future Leadership- Mental Health and Resilient Systems               
Health workers offer insights into resilient systems during the COVID pandemic.

GU Cast

     GU Cast                                              Listen on Spotify
     An independent podcast/vidoecast focussing on all things prostate, kidney,bladder, testis and penile cancer.

    Jama Network Podcasts                     Listen on Spotify
     Podcasts based on peer-reviewed articles published in JAMA.

     KeyLIME Podcasts                               Listen on Spotify
       Key Literature in Medical Education.  Bi-weekly form the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

       The Lancet Voice                                  Listen on Spotify
       Fortnightly podcast from the Lancet family of journals

      MJA Podcasts                                         Listen on Spotify
       Discussion and debate on clinically influential articles published in Annals of Internal Medicine,

      Medical Rehab Matters                        Listen on Spotify
       Medical Rehab Matters discusses some of the conditions treated and therapies used in inpatient medical rehab hospitals and units.

 NEJM Interviews     NEJM this week                                 Listen on Spotify
        New England Journal of Medicine weekly summary.

 NEJM Interviews     NEJM Interviews                                 Listen on Spotify
        Interviews regarding new medical research findings, review articles and editorial opinion on a wide variery of topics.

      Nursing Australia                                  Listen on Spotify
       News and education podcast for Australian nurses prented by the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association.

      Nursing Standard                                 Listen on Spotify
       Nursing Standard’s editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Dr Richard Hatchett present a regular podcast on topics affecting nurses and healthcare.

      Oncology Nursing Podccast              Listen on Spotify
       Join oncology nurses as they sit down to discuss the topics important to nursing practice and treating patients with cancer.


      Pomegranate Health                           Listen on Spotify
       A podcast about the communication, ethics and the culture of medicine from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

         In-depth interviews with scientists publishing in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and news briefs relevant to rehabilitation clinicians.

     Simulcast                                                  Listen on Spotify
      Podcast dedicated to the discussion of healthcare simulation. 

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